Posted by: torontocondo | February 17, 2013

Toronto Downtown Condos Offer Up Work Shop And Play

Toronto Downtown Condos Offer Up Work,Shop and Play For Residents

Just over one of Toronto’s worst blizzard in 5 years.

The evening TV news showed several scenes of traffic accidents and even the Scarborough LRT stopped because of the snow.

Passengers waited in the cold and snow for replacement TTC buses that were stuck as well.

Can you just imagine waking up in your Toronto downtown Condo, and walking to many of the downtown office towers connected to the Path system and never venture outside at all!

I think all those stranded motorists could only dream of the special life in Toronto Downtown Condos.

Many more like College Park Condos on Bay Street , are directly connected to the TTC Subway and they too can venture out to work without even touching the boots!

If there is a snow day at their office residents of Toronto’s downtown Condos can take that too and lounge around in their in-house Gyms, Pools and Games rooms..not much Winter stress here.

Toronto Downtown Condos Available For Sale,Rent