Posted by: torontocondo | August 31, 2013

Toronto Condos Soft Landing-Toronto Real Estate

Toronto and Vancouver Condos appear to be headed for a softer landing from fears of a certain bubble voiced in the past.

According to a recent report by the Conference Board of Canada those fears are unfounded and Condo markets across Canada are stabilizing.

The main reason for the interest in Condos is price and these Condominiums can provide an affordable alternative for a lot of buyers in expensive locations, think Yorkville, Rosedale and even Forest Hill in Toronto.

Demographics are also helping the Condo market with first-time buyers, empty-nesters and new arrivals from other countries

Resale Condo Price by City 2012 2013 2014
Quebec City $220,860 $223,363 $271,899
Montreal $267,175 $265,344 $271,899
Ottawa $271,331 $272,282 $280,626
Toronto $305,350 $305,239 $310,242
Calgary $244,362 $251,237 $259,640
Edmonton $210,577 $214,680 $220,743
Vancouver $366,263 $364,593 $369,527
Victoria $268,633 $264,180 $273,783
Source: Metropolitan Condo Outlook: Gengrowth

Yorkville Condos For Sale:

Iris Li, is a Toronto Remax Condos Realtor who specializes in Toronto downtown Condos, Condominiums and Lofts.


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